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rbi lawyers are your legal advisors for industry and medium-sized companies - including IT- and software providers, manufactures of elctronic and semi-conductor products and automotive suppliers - rbi lawyers and ists directors Hans Sebastian Helmschrott and Arno Lohmanns offer specific and will experienced services.


profil rOur lawyer Arno Lohmanns advises clients in the filed of IT law and technology law and international contractual arrangements. His focus is to offer quick and efficient solutions transferring your interests into the best possible and proper legal solution. Our Lawyer Arno Lohmanns has many years of forensic experience in the above mentioned fields and will take decisive care of your interests at court an arbitration tribunals.

Our lawyer Hans Sebastian Helmschrott offers legal advice for clients active in the field of IP law and IT law. His approach to legal advice aims at offering clients profound support with the highest level of service, making complex legal business matters intelligible. He takes great pride in knowing the specific processes and structures of the client's specific business and in giving advice like a member of an internal legal team.