Drafting of International Contracts

rbi's lawyers draw on years of experience of drafting contracts for both large enterprises operating internationally as well as for small and medium sized enterprises with international ambitions.

rbi can advise you on matters of international legal relations, in particular relating to German private international law (IPR) and international law of civil procedure; the scope for operating under another legal system and the advantages and disadvantages thereof; as well as the options for effective legal protection by selecting and stipulating the appropriate court of arbitration.

rbi provides comprehensive support for your enterprise from the conception of your co-operation idea through to the signing of contracts. We support you throughout this process by translating your business idea into a viable business and contractual concept; draft the contract and assist you in contractual negotiations with your business partner.

rbi's lawyers are attuned to regionally varying cultures of negotiation, and know how to consolidate, balance and prioritise differing challenges and interests in the areas of technology, economics and law in order to serve your interests as well as possible. Despite the plethora of contractual regulations typical of international legal relations, we endeavour to ensure you do not lose sight of the fundamentals so that your interests are reflected in the contract fairly, distinctly and in a manner appropriate to the situation.