IP Law

The development and safeguarding of a broad IP portfolio and the protection of the intellectual property and know-how underpinning an enterprise’s success is the key strategic concern for technology-orientated enterprises and can be critical to the development of new markets. Expanding or internationally active enterprises are exposed to risks in their daily business – which are frequently underestimated – arising from the potential infringement of third party property rights from the use of bought-in hardware and software components or Open Source.

rbi also understands the challenges facing enterprises operating internationally in the area of IP law and advises on the development and implementation of strategies to protect and develop assets of intellectual property in close co-operation with patenting lawyers operating internationally. The focus of rbi's activity therein is in the contractual safeguarding of relevant business processes through confidentiality agreements, licence contracts, Escrow agreements, research and development contracts as well as the appropriate organisation of purchase and distribution channels.