IT Law

rbi advises and assists you in the producing, checking and negotiation of contracts with a technological focus. The range covered by rbi extends from hardware and software contracts (development, IP transfer and licensing, maintenance  and customising) and contracts for IT projects to IT outsourcing and outtasking (application service providing, Software-as-a-Service, hosting).
rbi ensures that you take into account all legal and data-protection law aspects and that these are reflected in the relevant contracts and organisational arrangements. Another main focus for rbi is data security, which is a challenge for the IT infrastructure of a company – especially when data is outsourced.
The formation and negotiation of contracts in the field of IT law and the conducting of court and legal proceedings require a specific technical understanding of the fundamental processes, on the part of all of those involved. This understanding, and many years of experience in the implementation of IT projects in international contexts, is provided by rbi to the benefit of its clients.